Julian Skiboat’s “Times” is Another Sad Boy Summer Anthem


Some music makes you get up and dance. But for us sad bois and girls out there, our preferred musical soundtrack lets us sit back and get all wrapped up in our feels. Sometimes you really just want to hear a good sad song. With his latest release "Times," Julian Skiboat intentionally tugs at our heartstrings.

The indie-pop artist from San Antonio first found success after posting his song "whiskey" to Soundcloud back in 2018. The somber song was picked up by the likes of Lyrical Lemonade, Hilly Dilly, Urban Outfitters and more. Two years later, he released the track on Spotify where it now sits at a cool 100,000+ streams in under two months of being released.

Julian started writing music when he was 18 years-old, and he was quite resourceful about how he documented it. In fact, all of Julian's music to date was recorded on his iPhone 5. It's impressive how the now 24-year-old is so capable of evoking emotions out of every lyric and every guitar strum being so organic, pure and honest with his methods for doing so.

His new single "Times" is what Julian's fans have grown to love about him. The song is certainly not overproduced, featuring vulnerable guitar and vocal lines as well as a simple beat. Not having an abundance of instrumentation permits the listener the room to reflect on who they are, past relationships they've been in, and feeling nostalgic about potentially better times.

We can expect more from Julian Skiboat. With his debut EP "nice to meet u" dropping later this year and having artist co-signs from acts like JAWNY and Clairo, Julian is set to become a breakout artist in 2020.