Junior Mesa’s Garage Daydream Is Becoming a Reality [Premiere]


Meet Junior Mesa, the self-taught wonder kid who can play every instrument under the hot Bakersfield sun. He's truly beat the inland heat! The psychedelic neo-soul newcomer's EP Peace caught the attention of eager ears last fall. Those looking for something groovy and timeless fell in love with Junior Mesa's unique sound, and now he's unveiling the visual for the EP's standout track "Far Out." It's time for Junior Mesa's close up. 

Teaching himself Nirvana tunes on a guitar older than his parents, Junior Mesa strived to pull out storied sounds of the classics gone before him. Armed with a seasoned taste and notable musicianship, Junior Mesa is piecing together every element of his bodied sound. "I'm personally playing everything and writing all of the lyrics. I create it all," he says of his music. It's his nouveau wisdom that dramatically strikes you within seconds of hearing his work. "I'm trying to bring together seventies, alternative, funk, soul, indie, rock, and old school jazz, I aim to build a world."


Mesa embraced his old soul energy in the most modern of ways. His musical approach is the modern parallel to the '80s phenomena of stockpiling vinyl. "It's crazy, because the internet introduced me to all of this old school music," Mesa shares. With WiFi access, a desktop, and bountiful curiosity Mesa studied the greats, pouring over hours of footage and melodies from Fitzgerald and Hendrix. Something about the classics, for Mesa, is so centering. "There's a slower pace that my generation sort of needs, because our lives are so fast and frantic. For me, music is peace. It's what I want to share."

Today, Mesa makes us one with his most vivid daydream in the "Far Out" visual. "This video," he shares, "is about me in high school, smoking, and dreaming that I was a rock star." It's full of character and drama with its terrifically backlit silhouettes. While he wanders the vintage halls, he's jarred at the sight of his own image singing on stage. From there we follow Junior Mesa back into the reality of his suburban teenage life where he and his friends hang in a crowded garage. But for a moment, under a muted purple haze, Junior Mesa's vocals ascend into a falsetto so high he exits the galaxy -  far out.

Watch the "Far Out" video below: