Junior Varsity and spill tab Present a Different Kind of Summer Anthem on “Weather”


From building hype without a single release thanks to a series of secret underground shows to getting arrested for vandalizing the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles' own Junior Varsity is certainly not lacking when it comes to spectacle. That's not to say the genre-bending duo is all show and no bite, a fact made readily apparent by the release of their latest earworm of a single.

The spill tab-assisted "Weather" follows hot on the heels of their debut single, "Cold Blood," and continues to build on their peerless vision. As distant electric guitars that seem to exist just beyond the horizon build to a fever pitch, frontman Greg Aram's raw, monotone delivery takes on a life of its own. The restrained frenetic energy that feels like it's ready to burst at any moment finally reaches its climax as spill tab's ethereal vocals pierce the soundscape, delivering a moment akin to those hazy waking moments where you're unsure if this is all a dream or reality.

"Weather" arrives hand-in-hand with an accompanying music video that captures the fleeting joy of suburban youth. Playing out like A24's take on Boyhood, the mundane shots of a group of friends wasting time on Omegle or playing Halo: Combat Evolved take on a bittersweet quality. 

Short and sweet, "Weather" never feels like it's overstaying a welcome. A nigh-perfect pop song with an undeniably alternative appeal, Junior Varsity have crafted a different sort of summer anthem, the sort made for those perfectly imperfect overcast days.

Listen to "Weather" below: