BAD's New Single “Jupiter” Is Out of This World [Premiere]


Partying in outer space at an alien disco, who could think of a more thrilling adventure? Electrifying NYC duo BAD have us fueled with their infectious glittery groove-filled vibes. Sharing their bright new single "Jupiter," the tune is as dazzling as the Andromeda Galaxy itself. 

The pop duo has seen just how crazy things on Earth have become, and have opted for an extraterrestrial funk-induced fantasy escape. The colorful arrangements and energized vocals send listeners rocketing into the atmosphere. Its classic '80s sound laced with a modern twist make this upbeat offering a recipe for a good time. 

This dynamic pair is comprised of Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman. The two met in high school and have been writing and recording music together ever since. Fans have fallen in love with their charismatic, danceable sound that is guaranteed to get you on your feet. 

"Jupiter" wows with that same bold and bubbly presence. Just in time for summer fun, the track is the ideal celebratory hit. This playful pleasure has us entering the season with a bang. 

Listen to "Jupiter" below: