“Just When” You Thought Life Couldn’t Get Better, Yellow Days Returns With New Music


Soulful musician George Van Den Broek AKA Yellow Days is back with a new funk-fueled song. "Just When" is his first track of 2019, and the groove is undeniably palpable.

The track steers farther away from Yellow Days' indie-rock roots and dives deeper into classic whopping funk sounds. "Just When" opens with a clunky electronic beat before a funk rhythm guitar is introduced, setting the mood for the glossy song. The track features distorted guitar solos that slide through whopping beats that set listeners into a wonderful trance. The sleek new song is charged with stand-out vocals from the English musician and sounds like one of the more well-developed tracks on the artist's discography.

Yellow Days is set to perform a number of shows around the globe later this summer. A full list of 2019 performances from the artist can be viewed here –don't miss out on seeing the UK artist when he visits a town near you. 

Yellow Days has one EP, Harmless Melodies, and one album, Is Everything Okay In Your World? under his belt. Since the release of his debut album in 2017, the soul and funk-inspired indie-rock talent has sent a handful of singles out into the world. With the release of his latest, Yellow Days' sound has us all seeping deeper into his funk-filled trance. I'm crossing my fingers for another full length project soon.

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