Justice Carradine Questions Heartbreak in “Necessary Evil”


Justice Carradine may only be 20, but the Atlantic signee has a rich history with music. With the piano, guitar, drums, and more under his belt, Carradine first went public with his musical ability in 2013 when both his Vine and YouTube videos went viral. Since then, the Utah native has been working tirelessly to deliver fantastic pop-flavored offerings straight to our ears.

His sophomore single "Necessary Evil" features stirring electronics amidst Carradine's soulful vocals. Produced by Robopop (Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX, Maroon 5), the dynamic track is a fusion of alternative elements and pop aesthetics that impeccably shows Carradine's versatility. Lyrically, "Necessary Evil" explores the confusion between love and lust that ultimately destroys precious relationships.

"Necessary Evil" may only be Carradine's second song to date, but within its mesmerizing sonics is the promise of a veritable pop tour-de-force. This single is just the start. 

Watch the "Necessary Evil" lyric video below: