Kailee Morgue Covers Metric’s “Black Sheep” for all Those Scott Pilgrim Stans Out There


Photo: Kayla Dewees

If there were two things that made up an oddly disproportionate amount of my formative years, it would have to be video games and Canadian indie rock bands. So, it likely comes as no surprise to learn that Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, with its video game references galore and adoration for Canadian indie rock bands, holds for a very special place in my heart. And apparently, I'm not the only one, as today sees Kailee Morgue making a welcomed return with a cover of Metric's "Black Sheep."

"Black Sheep" follows the Haylely Kiyoko - assisted "Headcase" and marks a noted, more raw departure for Morgue. The Metric single, which laid the foundation for one of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World's best confrontations, finds newfound life in the angelic yet haunting coos of Morgue. 

Existing in stark contrast to the hushed, siren-like calls of Morgue's past work, "Black Sheep" moves forward with a pulsating, impossible to ignore force. The inherently chaotic energy of the cover’s sudden bursts of explosive production and instrumentation coupled with Morgue's penchant for ominous vocal feats whisks up a deeply transfixing maelstrom of late '00s indie rock nostalgia.  

What we have here is a faithful rendition to the driving force of Metric's infamous fuzzed-out guitar lines backed by a voice who very well could be the next big thing in pop, or even indie rock if she so wishes. "Black Sheep" is a testament to Morgue's impressive range, one that extends far beyond that of atmospheric pop numbers. Morgue is an artist fully capable of making a splash in any genre she gets her hands on.    

Listen to "Black Sheep" below:

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