KALLITECHNIS - “Talk Talk Talk” [Live + Interview] | Northside Sessions

We head to Toronto as part of our latest Northside Sessions to check out the electronic-minded R&B musings of KALLITECHNIS. Performing "Talk Talk Talk," the debut single which launched the powerhouse vocalist's career, we had the pleasure of getting to know a distinctive voice in the rising Canadian music scene and the artist behind that striking voice.

KALLITECHNIS is Greek for "master of crafts," a notion which perfectly encapsulates the young songstress not only in her music but in her passion for dance, writing, and the visual arts. In the past three years, KALLITECHNIS has released a slew of soulful singles but this year saw the release of something greater - her debut EP CHROMATIC. The EP is a five-track project that exudes confidence and grace as KALLITECHNIS’ indulgent vocals flow forth like smooth-moving poetry.