Karnaval Blues Offers A Sip of His R&B-Infused Electronica with “Forget”


Do you remember hearing Disclosure's "Latch" for the first time? The track was a breakout moment for Sam Smith, and though it quickly entered the realm of radio oversaturation, there is no denying it as the 2013 song of the summer. The effortless blend of Smith's smoky vocals and the glossiness of the electronica beat was magic, and proved to be an example of the perfect balance in the genre for years to come. Karnaval Blues is releasing the newest wave of chill, R&B-inspired electronica, and he too has nailed the balance between soul and electro-gloss. Following his wildly popular collaboration with ZHU, "Still Want U," Karnaval Blues is back with his latest song "Forget," which makes for more perfectly balanced listening euphoria.

When the vocals first hit the track for "Forget," the sound is completely overwhelming - bathed in rich texture and decadent production. The vocal line is used throughout the song, making for a motif that ties the ends together. The upbeat, danceable nature of the track is softened by the forlorn nature of the lyrics. He sings,

"These pills don't feel the same now. And words I never said, they resonate now. When I'm all alone, some days it's killing me. But I hope you know, they told me to forget."

Karnaval Blues is the newest addition to independent label Mind of A Genius, which also covers THEY., Gallant and ZHU. Not a bad lineup if you ask us. Though Karnaval Blues is relatively mysterious, we don't know much other than the fact that he is a British producer, we're eager to find out more about the up and comer.


Give "Forget" a listen, and look out for a full EP coming soon from Karnaval Blues.