Kelsy Karter Proudly Broadcasts Her Love for “Harry” Styles


New Zealand-native Kelsy Karter is completely unafraid to expose her major obsession with Harry Styles, as she literally got the former One Direction member's face tattooed on her cheek. Although this incredible show of affection may have already blown your mind, Karter also just released an electrifying new single called "Harry," along with a zealous music video that will have you capering around the room in no time.


Co-written with Anthony Rossomando and Tony Esterly, "Harry" is a fantastic guitar-driven track brewed with Karter's signature squealing vocals and candid lyricism. In the zestful "Harry" music video, Karter delivers a stunning performance as a follow-up to her rebellious 2018 single, "Catch Me If You Can." Influenced by Queen, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones, Karter strives to transport listeners back to an earlier era when classic rock 'n' roll was the talk of the town while continuing to grow with the modern music scene.

On the game-changing "Harry," Karter reflected:

"My dog just died and my relationship just ended and I had spent two months in the studio crying and writing about it so the day I went into this session I told Ant and Tony that I just wanted to write about some rock 'n' roll, and it's common knowledge among the people in my life that I want to work with (and maybe snog) Harry Styles so we thought we would write a song about that instead."

Kelsy Karter's upcoming debut project, Songs For The Rocketship, is set for release in March, but you can fangirl along to the "Harry" music video now: