KennyHoopla Encourages a Leap of Faith in "the world is flat and this is the edge//"


Does the coronavirus have you feeling a bit anxious? Well, KennyHoopla conveniently dropped his new perfectly existential track "the world is flat and this is the edge//" this morning. The new song falls in line with Kenny's distinctive formula of combining emo-pop lyrics and unpredictable electronic-tinged production to create existential anthems. 

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In "the world is flat and this is the edge//," we hear lyrics that challenge the idea of fate. Kenny opens the song by addressing his conflict with the monotony of life, crooning "This is what I mean / Living just to die / Loosened up my wings / Didn't even get to fly." He goes on to address his loss of love and a will to live. He reminds us though, that when we feel like we've gone as far as we can go in this life, there is still something else on the other side that we must take a leap of faith to reach.

At the moment, KennyHoopLa's discography is fairly succinct, with this song raising his Spotify offerings to six tracks. However, this new growing body of is showing real progress, with each new track demonstrating perfectly layered beats and beautifully mixed vocals. We can look forward to hearing more from KennyHoopLa soon as this drop is a teaser for his new full EP coming out next month. Hunker down, wash your hands, and get into your existential feels.

Listen to "the world is flat and this is the edge//“ below: