KennyHoopla’s “Lost Cause//“ Visuals Paint Him as an Alt-R&B Purveyor [PREMIERE]


KennyHoopla is a perfectly indescribable enigma that we simply cannot get enough of. With only three singles to his name, each released a year apart, the Cleveland, Ohio upstart is building the foundation for one of music's most promising and compelling new acts. And in his latest, "Lost Cause//," KennyHoopla makes a strong case for himself as a serious rising talent with a unique vision.

Citing influences of everything from The Drums, Passion Pit, and American Pleasure Club, formerly known as Teen Suicide, KennyHoopla's self-described brand of "new wave nostalgia" bleeds forth from every inch of "Lost Cause//." Emanating the emotional grit of the best of '80s and '90s indie rock paired with the swaying bedroom sensibilities of modern-day anti-pop and alternative R&B, KennyHoopla is a shockingly impressive one-man force in "Lost Cause//."  

Directed by Damien Blue and Cody LaPlant, the video for "Lost Cause//," dropping here today, gives KennyHoopla's hypnotic track an industrial backdrop that is simply captivating. The solitary scenery juxtaposed with KennyHoopla's wealth of self-expression creates a visual project that manages to evoke the nostalgia of the golden days of music videos, all while giving life a newfound artistic expression. Blue and LaPlant were kind enough to share a few words with us on bringing "Lost Cause//" to life,  

""Lost Cause' is a portrait of a beautiful soul, full of both passion and tumult. Kenny's expressiveness already steals the show; the grim gray-scale industrial locations that we chose (mixed with gloomy weather) are simple supporting elements to Kenny's mood, while still managing to keep him at the center of attention. Kenny's unmatched aura is authentic and cinematic by nature - curating the right 'visual stage' for him was and is our mission."

Upon watching the video for "Lost Cause//," if we had one piece of advice for KennyHoopla, it would be not to keep us waiting another year for your next phenomenal release.  

Watch the video for "Lost Cause//" below: