Khamari’s Lovestruck New Single “That Girl” Proves He’s Here to Stay


The Los Angeles based pop artist has been on a hot streak for the past couple of months. "Jealous" and "The Heat" have garnered Khamari millions of streams and have left fans eager to hear what he releases next.

His new single "That Girl" meets these expectations and then some. Once again teaming up with producers Trackside, "That Girl" is a love song that’ll be stuck in your head long after your first listen. The instrumentation is stripped back which allows listeners to focus on Khamari's vocals and writing. The hook, "We're in a crowded room, got you feeling like it's just us two" 
is just one of several moments in the track that showcase Khamari's lyrical ability. 

With three strong singles in his discography, Khamari's upcoming debut EP is likely to be one of the most exciting pop projects from a new artist this year. 

Listen to "That Girl" by Khamari below: