Kid Bloom Doesn’t “Sugarcoat” With Bittersweet New Single [PREMIERE]

Photo: Victoria Maura

Los Angeles-based indie rock outfit Kid Bloom is back with another delicious single, arguably their best to date. We've been following Kid Bloom for years now, watching as they accumulated over 20 million streams since their first release, "Different State of Mind" and hit the road with The Neighborhood on their West Coast tour dates. Fronted by vocalist Lennon Kloser, Kid Bloom has an unparalleled ability to immerse their listeners in the golden years of youth, both onstage and through headphones. Hot on the tails of their single, "Prom?," the group is back with "Sugarcoat," a bittersweet bop tinged with nostalgia, and a first glimpse of their forthcoming EP, Lemonhead.

The song begins with tinkling block chords, soon to be met by gritty guitar licks and Kloser's husky vocals. His distinct voice shines on the track, settling into the grooves of the track like a needle to a record. Kloser comments on the inspiration behind the song, saying,

"Sugarcoat' is very near and dear to my heart because it brings attention to the times I glaze over my problems with excuses. Its concept is melancholy, but you can't help but feel happy when you hear it; like being at a relative's wedding on acid."

The song is indie perfection, complete with falsetto call and response, stirring lyrics and a stank face-inducing key change. Just as Kid Bloom reaches new heights in their artistry, they raise the bar again. Get those tastebuds ready for their forthcoming EP, Lemonhead, and check them out at The Roxy with Keuning on Feb. 5.