Kid Bloom Is Fully in Touch with His Emotions in Psychedelic “EVRWNDR”


If you're a fan of psychedelic and indie pop, then Kid Bloom is exactly what you need in your life right about now. Los Angeles' Lennon Kloser is the mastermind behind the indie project that has opened for Ones To Watch sweetheart Lennon Stella and toured alongside The Neighbourhood and The Regrettes. Ahead of the highly-anticipated release of his forthcoming EP, Lemonhead, Kid Bloom is treating us to yet another delectable single titled "EVRWNDR."

Fully inspired by Kloser's emotions, "EVRWNDR" focuses on how feelings can dramatically impact our mindsets. Kloser's airy vocals are contrasted by lively percussion that round out the splendid track. "EVRWNDR" is drenched with luscious synths and glittery electronics that are 100% signature to the authentic Kid Bloom sound, which is more than enough to call Kid Bloom one of our favorite indie outfits.

On "EVRWNDR," Kid Bloom shared,

"'EVRWNDR' is inspired by my hypersensitivity to emotions and how I sometimes paralyze myself with my own feelings as if those feelings are coming from somewhere else."

Brace yourself for an explosion of pure indie goodness in "EVRWNDR" below: