Kim Petras Seeks to Save the Music Industry With “Broken”


And woo-ah! She has! Infectious bops are considered the signature Kim Petras sound, but as proven by her latest single "Broken," she is so much more than just our new pop princess. Urging her followers to buy "Broken" on iTunes like it's 2010, the German pop icon has been climbing the pop charts, already at number eight in less than ten hours since its release. Currently going viral on Twitter with #BUYBROKENONITUNES, Petras confirms that her music isn't just glittery pop, it's leading a movement to redefine pop music. Just as promised, queen Petras is here to save the music industry.

Her bunheads, as she calls her loyal fans, have made the pop star's rise dually extraordinary and fantastical. With a feature on Charli XCX's ingenious mixtape Pop 2 to supporting Troye Sivan on his sold-out North American tour, there is no slowing Petras down. She can also be found headlining and selling out her own shows around the world, all while racking up over 125 million streams and gracing billboards in Times Square.

With all of this success comes the lead single for her debut album. "Broken" tells the story of what happens after the iconic "Heart To Break," where her lover accepts, and breaks, her delicate heart. Sadly, she does "end up in shatters," but it's all for the best because in "Broken," she finds herself thriving "in Paris in Marc Jacobs." 

Just like her heart, the beat is fractured and intermittently scattered over stunning synths. In the surprisingly R&B-infused bop comes a never before seen vulnerable side of Petras, singing of what heartbreak did to her and how she wishes for the same terrible feeling to suffocate her ex-lover. Her insane vocal range shares the passion and hatred Petras feels towards the man who wasted her time.

The accompanying lyric video shows an emotionally distraught Petras, wearing a matching set of a diamond crown and necklace with the word "BROKEN" across them. Crowning herself the queen of broken hearts, she has turned heartbreak into a glamorous, hazy dream. 

Experience a whole new side of Kim Petras below: