kmoe Connects with ericdoa on New Single “2267″


Vancouver genre-bender, kmoe, has been one of the most consistent new voices in electronic, alternative, and pop. The 16-year-old producer, songwriter, and artist rejects traditional notions of creating music. Each track sounds wildly different than the last, but is still captivating on its own. "iced tea" is an optimistic indie-pop song, "flutter" is a slow-burning electronic pop ballad, and his recent single "all the time" is an experimental hyperpop track. 

kmoe's newest track "2267 (feat. ericdoa)″ is a glitchy and atmospheric pop record with his catchiest hook yet. The track also features the artist ericdoa who delivers a charismatic melodic verse. The two artists have unmatched chemistry and their differing vocal tones contrast interestingly together from verse to verse. The instrumental features hip hop drums and dreamy electronic elements with pitched background vocals that add to the energy of the track.

kmoe continues to reinvent himself on each new single. "2267″ is another step towards stardom as kmoe builds his audience and continues to put out some of the most exciting new music in the underground scene.

Listen to "2267″ by kmoe below: