kmoe Drops Glitchy, Experimental “gloves” Visual


Vancouver-based wunderkind kmoe is clearly not lacking when it comes to versatility. The producer, singer, and songwriter is no stranger to experimentation, with each new track pushing his hyperpop vision further. Recent singles like "2267" and "all the time" are perfect examples of kmoe's penchant crafting experimental tracks with an infectious edge. 

One of kmoe's best singles to date is the recently-released "gloves." The track, which dropped at the end of April, quickly began generating buzz for its catchy hook and experimental electronic production. And now kmoe is giving new life to "gloves" with a self-directed and self-edited music video. 

The video embodies internet culture, a DIY aesthetic, and the spirit of the underground community dubbed as hyperpop. Most of all, the "gloves" music video reaffirms that kmoe can creatively accomplish just about anything. 

Watch the "gloves" video below: