kmoe’s Risk Taking Pays off on “All the Time (Feat. Polearm)”


16-year-old, Vancouver native kmoe reinvents himself with every new single. The producer, artist, and songwriter exists in the underground Hyperpop community, but his music sounds like it could be played alongside mainstream pop and alternative. His last two singles "iced tea" and "flutter" show two completely different sides of the artist. "iced tea" is a straightforward indie pop ballad with youthful energy and a persistently catchy hook. Contrastingly,  "flutter" is a slow-building electronic pop track that showcases kmoe's songwriting ability wise beyond his years.

kmoe's new single "all the time" reveals yet another side of his complex artistic identity. The instrumental, produced by kmoe, is glitchy, bright and more in line with other artists in the Hyperpop scene than his previous two singles. The song also features a vulnerable guest verse from polearm who compliments this style well. kmoe further contributes to the glitchy atmosphere of the track with  pitched vocals and a melodic chorus.

"all the time" with polearm once again expresses just how versatile kmoe is. kmoe's experimentation with different sounds and genres place him at the cutting edge of the Hyperpop community. This unorthodox approach is what makes him such an exciting artist to watch.

Listen to "all the time" by kmoe below: