Kota the Friend Shares a Piece of Himself on “Dear Fear”


Photo: Ragan Henderson

Make no mistake about it, the former absence of live music was a tragedy. Yet, what served as the next best thing? Discovering an artist or a song that makes you feel like you're right back out there. In person.

Avery Marcel Joshua Jones, better known as Kota the Friend, invites us to come and sit in the front row with his new track "Dear Fear." From its mellow jazzy vibes to the open and honest lyrics, it's almost as if you're back at the neighborhood joint listening to someone you've watched grow over years. 

This track is expertly crafted with effortlessly flowing verses transitioning ever so smoothly into a bright chorus full of harmonies. Grounding the beat in piano melodies and acoustic drums rather than samples and 808's is what leave "Dear Fear" feeling so fresh and authentic.

"Dear Fear" is chalked full of wisdom, with bars like "I'm learning to communicate healthily, this is wealth for me" and "I use to be a firefighter, now I water my lawn." Kota spits timeless advice and hard-hitting, life-learned lessons through metaphor; this track should most definitely be on repeat just so we can glean an ounce of the truth at the heart of it all. 

Consistently choosing to make his music as an independent artist, Kota takes pride in having his hands in every aspect of his art. This is precisely why, that when we hear "Dear Fear" we know that he is purposefully sharing a piece of himself with all of us.

Watch the "Dear Fear" video below: