“Heterochromia” Sees kxvg Experiencing Double Vision


Photo: Ryan Wimsatt

This week Los Angeles rapper kxvg returns with his newest single "Heterochromia," his third single of 2021, following "Titania" and "Gasoline". Quietly working behind the scenes for the past few months, kxvg has been gearing up for the release of his forthcoming EP dropping in May. "Heterochromia" is our newest taste of this project - a fast-paced genre-bending cut synthesizing hip-hop, pop, and electronic music into one harmonious union.

Switching up his style on his newest release, "Heterochromia" is a powerful track that sees kxvg's risk-taking paying off once again. Though the percussion on "Heterochromia" may resemble a drum'n'bass track more than kxvg's signature internet-rap-meets-bedroom-pop vibe, the end result still remains an incredibly polished and earnest single from the LA rapper. 

Depicting an imperfect relationship nearing its inevitable end, kxvg pulls you into his world with his own unique arsenal of sounds. Ambient synth swells and futuristic piano melodies find their home on kxvg's mix, serving as the foundation for him to deliver yet another stunning showcase of vulnerability and carefully-crafted lyrics. kxvg's narrative gives way to wisdom with lines like "We share a vision through different colored eyes / but we moving with a blindfold," suggesting that a true connection with another is always possible, though our own shortcomings and hesitations may be the forces that act against our own interests. 

Combining his clear talent for songwriting and production, "Heterochromia" sees kxvg thriving with a new artistic vision. Though not much is known about his upcoming EP, one thing is certain. It is a project not to miss this summer. 

Listen to "Heterochromia" below: