Kyle Dion and Kari Faux Are Effortlessly Charismatic on “PURR”

Photo: Nick Da Graca

Back with his first release of 2021, the ever-eclectic R&B mastermind Kyle Dion returns to fans with his newest offering "PURR" featuring Kari Faux. Though it's been a minute since we last heard from the Connecticut-bred artist, Dion wastes no time on this newest track, making a strong entrance into a year that hopefully will be filled with more tracks like this. Over a bouncy and experimental R&B cut, Dion and Faux truly embody the subtle art of the perfect collaboration.

With an almost Toro Y Moi-esque delivery, Dion flows effortlessly on "Purr." With a mix laden with punchy hip-hop percussion and summery guitar riffs, Dion's vocal performance remains painstakingly polished. Whether delicately delivering dulcet tones over thundering bass signals, or high-energy verses that are enough to make you miss live shows all over again, there is no denying his natural talent and affinity for clever songwriting. 

Faux is always a delight to hear from, and her laid-back confidence and swagger pairs incredibly with Dion's dynamic musical chops. Together, the two of them ooze undeniable artistic chemistry, so consider this a formal request for another collaboration in the future. 

With more music on the horizon likely, Dion's newest single "PURR" is the perfect introduction to a new year. If you're unfamiliar with either Kyle or Kari, this is the perfect place to jump in and discover your new favorite artists - you can thank me once this track is nestled safely in your weekly rotation.

Listen to "Purr" below: