La Hara Instills Self-Love in Empowering Visual, “Unlawful” [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Louise Brown

A true form of self-love is recognizing when to implement boundaries, which is never an easy path to trek. Bri Hall, known under her moniker as La Hara, not only exemplifies the duality of the heart, but her own limits found in the midst of loving and fighting dirty on the visual for "Unlawful." Originally, the songstress' silky and contemporary R&B track ventured into an open-ended and hopeful plea of pushing through the throes of love, yet the video presents Hall's awakening moment, showcasing the strength of a woman even through suspended times.
"The words, 'I like to fight a little dirty, baby,' came to mind instantly along with the melody," explained Hall. "I imagined the immense way each of us can love if we're given the chance to. I thought about how we say all is fair in love and war, but sometimes love isn't fair."

Kris Head's direction has the threads of a relationship unraveling upon the first scene and essentially pays homage to the 1995 film Waiting To Exhale, most notably from Angela Bassett's iconic moment of packing her husband's belongings. In a similar manner of the film, the video isolates the final straw and explores Hall's contemplative headspace. Teetering on the line of insanity - as expected in fits of rage, Hall's calm and collective, untouched glamorized look exhibits a strong and momentous turning point of the video: no one can ever remove your worth if you love yourself.

Hall exclusively shared with us,

"A great producer helps make an amazing team, workflow, and production. After loads of searching, I had a moment and thought of the one person that KNOWS me and my vision… My Mom! She holds a doctorate in education and is certified in project management. In 48 hours, she had almost everyone confirmed for the shoot day! We worked so well together! Some of the cast and crew said she has a definite talent for producing. She said, 'you know… I had a lot of fun doing that!' I love working with friends and family in order to capture the vision I have! Who better to understand, not rush, and share my passion than her."

Whether it be from Hall, or as the alter ego of La Hara, the artist's messaging of empowerment is becoming a signature tone. Curating numerous scenes of redirected power within a woman, "Unlawful" boasts of an equally insightful team, such as Hall's mom who helped with the video's production and materialize her daughter's ideas.

Ones To Watch has your first look of "Unlawful" below: