LASTMONDAY Turned Chaos Into Pandemic Productivity in Wild “Audemars” Video


Imagine flying to Miami to work on new music in a beautiful place. The trip is going great until the President of your country declares a state of emergency due to a global pandemic. So naturally, you decide to head back home but when you get to the airport, all the flights home are grounded. For Bronx-based artist LASTMONDAY, this was his reality.

The Dominican artist, who is breathing fresh life into the reggaeton genre, was stuck in Miami trying to figure out his next move. What would you do if you were stuck in Miami with no idea when you'd be able to go home? Shoot a music video, obviously! And that's what LASTMONDAY did. His wild video for his song "Audemars" was directed by Modern Day Auteur. Watch the video below and stay tuned for his upcoming mixtape set to drop in April.