Lecx Stacy Steps Into the Spotlight in ‘FACE PLANTS’

You've definitely heard his work through your speakers, but did you know it was him? Fresh out of the studio with some of our friends, like Jean Dawson, Sam.Sts, and Deb Never, Lecx Stacy is here again and stepping out from behind the producing chair. Today, we see the release of FACE PLANTS, a seven-track EP that shows the true diversity and talent of the multi-faceted Stacy.

The highly-emotive "Dead Flower Revival Service" kicks off the roughly 20-minute sonic exploration, exemplifying Stacy's enviable talent as a producer and vision as an artist. The few lyrics on the opening record let your mind wander and gives you the message behind the body of work, "We're all flowers on Earth's sky / Sometimes things can get tough but with a little patience and time we can all learn to grow". Stacy stays honed in on the theme of growth, layering different sonic emotions and lyrical perspectives throughout the project.

Diving deep into introspection, the San Diego native touches on personal escapism but also growing through difficult times. From hints of punk on "Water Your Face Plants" to the stripped-back guitar chords on "Pink and Blue," Stacy takes you on an up-and-down journey symbolic to the trials and tribulations of everyday life. 

"I keep worrying about the one things I'll never know, everyday feels like it's Sunday" Stacy sings over an experimental pop beat on "Sunday" showing you the feelings of anxiety of uncertainty. The visual to "Sunday" also shows the chaos in which the song thrives.

Take FACE PLANTS apart, and there's something for everyone. Consume it from top to bottom and there's an entire chaotic world for you to dive into. 

Listen to FACE PLANTS below: