Lexi Jayde Turns Bittersweet Memories Into Brutal Honesty on ‘a teenage diary’


Though in the past year music has experienced a mass proliferation of young singer-songwriters, Lexi Jayde stands alone. If you've kept your ears to the ground you may remember Lexi's debut single of 2021 "newbury park," a high-energy and vulnerable track that saw the artist letting loose not only her pent-up frustrations but also what would also be a near-meteoric ascent into pop stardom. 

Following the release of two more singles, Jayde has finally returned with the release of a teenage diary, her debut project. Though only six tracks in length, the rapidly rising artist provides listeners with a refreshing new perspective whose wisdom is just as powerful as it is understated.

Though many pop stans have been head-over-heels about a certain starlet whose raw lyricism resonates as being universally relatable, Jayde takes this approach to songwriting a step further with a near-infinite amount of promise and potential. Even the opening track, "teenage diary," is nigh morbid with how indifferent Lexi has become to the surface-level glibness of teenage drama. From her bittersweet ruminations on "cheap flowers" to the layers of heartbroken vocals on "best in you" Jayde faces disillusionment from love and life with a sage austerity beyond her years, and luckily her perspective is joined alongside carefully polished mixes and a staggering amount of songwriting talent.

To say that each of a teenage diary's six tracks are meticulously thought-out would be a severe understatement. Though bittersweet, "best in you" quite literally is the musical equivalent to walking through a field of flowers. "newbury park" is the perfect song for both a beach day with your friends or throwing a tantrum in your car. Whether or not you tend to gravitate towards pop music in the first place, Jayde's borderline prodigal musical prowess will give virtually every listener something to latch onto.  

Listen to a teenage diary below: