Take a Trip Into Livingston's "Fairytale," Where Heroes Are Real - Flaws and All


Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

Growing up in Denton, Texas, 17-year-old artist on the rise Livingston faced his fair share of hardship with bullying and anxiety growing up. He found inspiration to carry on through his heroes on the big screen, most of whom were Pixar characters. And now, Livingston is dropping an ode to his idols with “Fairytale,” an orchestral cinematic pop production that brings back so many memories of childhood and finding solace in cartoon heroes. 

The debut single from the self-taught singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer references a multitude of Pixar’s most popular icons, including Mr. Incredible, Wall-E, Lightning McQueen, and others, pointing out that even these heroes who save the day struggle just like we do.

At a young age, Livingston found that the best way to overcome his feelings of loneliness and inadequacy was through song, sharing “Music is the only way I’ve been able to effectively communicate what I’ve faced in life.” He wants other kids like him to know that everyone goes through hardships and you can be a hero despite your imperfections.

The release of “Fairytale” is just one indicator of Livingston’s impending success. The singer is also freshly signed to Elektra Records. With a label behind him, we can expect Livingston to start producing more fantastical tracks. 

Overall, Livingston is aiming to be an inspiration to kids experiencing the same hardships he did, hoping that his songs find their way to people in a similar place. Despite his growing success, Livingston wants everyone to know he’s a “small-town kid who deals with the same everyday problems every other kid deals with. I want to talk about them though, so that’s what I’m doing.”

The only question we have left is when will Pixar be featuring this track in an upcoming production?

Listen to “Fairytale” below: