Lo Lo Reveals Her “Sweater Collection” from Ex-Boyfriends with Pop-Infused Melodies [PREMIERE]


Originally her nickname, Lo Lo has become Lauren Mandel's recognizable stage name as she writes and performs unforgettable pop songs about complicated relationships and lost connections. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter made her stunning debut last year with the captivating "Yours," and followed that infectious release with a thrilling sophomore single, "Convenient." In anticipation of her forthcoming debut EP, Lo Lo is inviting us into her sizable closet of smooth choruses with "Sweater Collection."

While sifting through her messy wardrobe one day, Lo Lo realized she still owns a plethora of soft sweaters from estranged ex-boyfriends, who gave them to her as some sort of twisted keepsake. On a whim, Lolo scribbled the line, "Another to add to my sweater collection / The trophies I keep cuz I feel no connection," which ultimately didn't get included in the song, but inspired the rest of the clever lyrics. In "Sweater Collection," Lo Lo reminisces on the potential of each past bachelor as she rifles through the countless hoodies, turtlenecks, and pullovers with attached memories. Lo Lo's alluring vocals paired with the stirring electronics in "Sweater Collection" are definitely enough to keep us craving more from Lo Lo in 2019.

On "Sweater Collection," Lo Lo exclusively shared with us:

"Dating sucks. 'Sweater Collection' is about trying and failing to find a connection with someone, over and over again. Sometimes it's your fault, sometimes it's their fault–sometimes it just doesn't work out and there's nothing you can do about it. After a while playing the dating game, I realized I had acquired quite a 'sweater collection.' I figured, I can't be the only one? So I wrote a song about it."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "Sweater Collection" below: