Lonr. and H.E.R. “Make the Most” of a Dreamlike Collaboration

Photo: Anthony Bryant

As of today, Lonr. has three singles to his name, yet he is already a proven artist. The self-taught Grammy Award-winning singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer has crafted not only songs but worlds alongside acclaimed artists. It is a unique talent that found him up for multiple GRAMMYS, and winning two, for contributing to H.E.R.'s discography. Undeniably an artist in his own right, "Make the Most" sees him stepping into the spotlight alongside H.E.R.

"Make the Most" is as sincere an R&B offering as they come. The atmosphere is laid by minimal, dreamlike production and layered vocals. As the world slowly comes into focus, Lonr. and H.E.R.'s lovelorn lyrics are left to intermingle to a heavenly degree. The sentiment truly hits in the hook, "I wanna grow old with you, make the most with you, that's the goal." Simply put, "Make the Most" is an infectious three-minute vibe.

More than just an astounding collaboration, "Make the Most" is a taste of what's to come when his debut EP Land of Nothing Real drops April 24. And if it in any indication, we are poised to witness the breakout of R&B star. Lonr. spoke further on his debut offering, sharing,

"I always zone out and go into my own little world. That's the Land of Nothing Real. If you don't like where you are, you can escape into another realm. This project is really about love, longing, and desire. Those topics are always on people's minds. I'm examining them with melodic and dreamy songs."

In addition to the mesmerizing new single, Lonr. and H.E.R. have graced us with an accompanying new video that is nothing short of heartbreaking. Highlighting the idea that tomorrow is never promised, the video arrives as juxtaposing love note and commentary on ongoing police brutality in America.

Listen to "Make the Most" below: