Los Retros - “Loop of Love” [Live + Interview] | All Eyes On

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Mauri Tapia, more popularly known as the mastermind behind Los Retros, is a talent that spans generations. From the name, which is a hallmark to the bands his parents listened to during his upbringing, to a noted penchant for fusing the timbre of '70s and '80s soft rock crooners with the ethereal air of Central and South American left-field pop, Los Retros is a sonic embodiment of the next generation of Latinx superstars.

It was our pleasure to invite Los Retros out for a spellbinding night that we will not be quick to forget. Delving into a captivating rendition of "Loop of Love," Los Retros had us floored from those opening piano presses. And be sure to stick around as we speak with Tapia about how his music serves as a remembrance of his past, the importance of making music for yourself, and his debut EP,  Retrospect.

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