“Love You Now, Love You Later” Is Yet Another Testament to Ben Kessler's Diverse Songwriting [Premiere]


Continuing our everlasting journey with Ben Kessler, we're extremely excited to premiere his latest single "Love You Now, Love You Later." It's an open invitation into the sentimental side of his writing signified by its relatability and authenticity. We lunge into a story all too familiar… love from a distance.

Even though this song is four years old, Kessler releases an understandably touching track about having to leave the ones you love most that hits especially close as we're all preparing for post-pandemic goodbyes and heading back to our "new normal" lives. Whether it's a girl you met right before new years, a boyfriend of five years, or family you've reconnected with during quarantine, there's a heartache that attaches to you without fair warning when you have to part ways again. No matter how much you tell yourself you can handle the distance, love and compassion overpowers any preconceived thoughts. Kessler explains that even though it's tough to handle, you can settle with the comfort of knowing that leaving someone you love doesn't mean your feelings ever have to change about them.

"'Love You Now, Love You Later' is about loving someone you can't be with physically.  I tried to write this song 4 years ago when I left my family & friends for college - I came back to the idea this summer after graduating and (again) leaving the people I cared most about. I think it is comforting to know that leaving someone you love does not mean your feelings for them need to change."

Completely self-written and self-produced, Kessler continues to prove himself as one of the most well rounded emerging artists releasing music right now. On "Love You Now, Love You Later," the production is warm and welcoming, allowing your energy to connect to the feelings Kessler delivers through his heedful writing. Watch the video below and stay tuned for more from Kessler this year.