Lovsky’s “Stay” Is Poetic, Emotive, and Vocally Stunning


San Francisco native and singer/songwriter Lovsky may be new to the pop scene, but she has quickly proven that she has a long career ahead of her. Her previous singles "Hurricane" and "Impatient" feature production from frequent collaborator Chase Aaron. These two singles are more traditional with alternative rock leaning instrumentation, but both tracks showcase Lovsky's incredible vocal tone and ability to write catchy melodies. 

Her new single "Stay" starts more somber and stripped back, but builds into a genre-bending pop song that incorporates left of center production elements. "Stay" features strings, trap drums, and once again shows Lovsky's emotive delivery and expressive songwriting. The background vocals and eerie piano lead compliment the cadence of her voice and create a chilling atmosphere. 

Traditional pop elements, a breathtaking performance, and contemporary hip hop influence make "Stay" a stand out moment in Lovsky's growing discography. The track raises anticipation for a full length project coming in the future.

Listen to "Stay" by Lovsky below: