LOWERLIPDRIP Sets a New Tone With “Everything Is Fare”

Groups like these are what we strive to find before anyone else. We love groups that create sounds incomparable to anything else at the moment. That's what we've found on the Everything is Fare EP by emerging Chicago duo, LOWERLIPDRIP [LLD]. LLD use their unique sonic ambience to tackle pertinent social, cultural, and personal topics such as civil rights, mental illness, and more. Fusing industrial percussion with obscure samples is only one example of how LLD showcases their inventiveness on this project. The duo said they are using this EP to hopefully evoke a strong distaste for the crippling class inequalities in our current society.

The song that sticks out the most on the EP is "FERERFAREFAIRFERERFAREFAIR." It's addictive in the most ambiguous way. With every listen, you seem to hear something new within the production you didn't notice before. Unconventional and exciting, we can't wait to see what the future holds for LLD.