Luna Li Taps Serena Isioma For the Ethereal “Flower (In Full Bloom)”


Luna Li's music is akin to a dream. The Toronto multi-instrumentalist's gift lies in her ability to create a palpable atmosphere that falls somewhere between waking daydream and insatiable, idyllic groove. It's a testament to her classical training and genre-bending appeal, drawing on each to create songs whose inherent musicality is undeniable but free of the confines of genre norms or conventions. All this and more come to life in her latest single, "Flower (In Full Bloom)."

Against an array of otherworldly strings and ethereal coos, Li tells a bittersweet tale of toxic relationship dynamics and finding the strength to move on. "It's about a relationship where the other person is there for the wrong reasons, to gain power and to use you to their advantage, rather than for love or caring. Serena (whose viral hit song Sensitive is now sitting on a whopping 54 million streams) came in and brought the song to a whole new level with their incredible verse and I feel so lucky to have had them sing on it!," shares Li.

"Flower (In Full Bloom)" is an extension of Li's previously-released single "Flower," a heavenly forty-eight-second instrumental that appeared on her aptly-titled jams EP earlier this year. The succinct jam session comes to life in the Serena Isioma-assisted single, providing a unique glimpse into the fruition of one idea into the next. From a surreal soundscape that draws on the roots of bedroom R&B to the ensuing fuzz of indie psychedelic rock that peppers the conclusion of the track, Li's latest feels like gently floating deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

"Flower (In Full Bloom)" is a small dose of sonic sunshine. From instrumental to fully-realized idea, Li's latest creation starkly contrasts its subject matter, showing us first-hand the beauty that comes from nourishing what we love until it inevitably blossoms.

Listen to "Flower (In Full Bloom)" below: