Mélat Makes Us “Weak” In Moody Music Video [PREMIERE]

Mélat has continuously blessed the world with her soft and airy R&B vocals, and we have remained constantly captivated by her unique talent. Born to parents who fled Ethiopia, the Texas-bred songstress lived a life of financial burden, a weight on her immense passion for music. With a sprinkle of determination and a whole lot of love for her artistry, the singer-songwriter never turned her back on the art, allowing her poetry and diary entries to blossom into songs.

Today, the Ethiopian-American R&B savant continues to wreak havoc on the music scene, and now on our hearts as well with the music video for her single, "Weak," and we cannot get enough. The music video is all that we imagined it to be and more.

It starts focused on Mélat, painted in deep purple hues as she sings to the camera sensually. Her striking beauty and composure glorifies her harmonious vocals and gives warmth to what already is a groovy and sensual song. With eloquent use of close up shots, we are taken along the journey of a love that makes her "weak." Whether the shot finds her in a diner, or in a meadow holding her significant others' hand, we can feel the love that the two share.

The music video is dreamy and sweet with hints of vulnerability and innocence. It portrays Mélat as we have come to know her, the "quiet girl in the back of the class."

Feel her weakness for yourself below: