Maasho Squares Off With His Personal “SAD MACHINE”


Maasho is a quirky star in the making. It is a sentiment that becomes immediately apparent upon listening to his latest pop-rock anthem, "SAD MACHINE."

Maasho is enjoying his journey. He spent six months cultivating new music and exploring nuanced pop and rock production styles. He documents 2020 as being a year of discovery for his lyrical storytelling as well. "SAD MACHINE" follows the release of "BIG SHOT!," as the second single from his forthcoming album, ABESWRLD. 

The song honors our innate duality. It's for party animals who want to scream the lyrics at the top of their lungs, but it simultaneously possesses a quiet power, perfect for those shy, wallflowers enjoying the party play out before their eyes. 

The music video is a perfect visual accompaniment to the messaging of the song. Throughout it, the titular sad machine is its own entity with a seeming life of its own. So much so that by the end, Maasho engages in a physical altercation with said sad machine, as they fight and try to throw the other one in the pool. Ultimately, the viewers see a broken and dysfunctional sad machine floating in the water, demonstrating Maasho's victory over his sadness. 

With ABESWRLD on the horizon, this is only the beginning for Maasho, and we can't wait to see what's in store.

Listen to "SAD MACHINE" below: