Mad Wave Is Back With a Self-Titled and Satanic Panic Inspired Single [Premiere]


The devil has been credited with crafting music since the late 19th century, when guitar-slung troubadours encountered choices of fate at every crossroad in the American south. The lineage of this predestination between man and devil has brought us rock'n'roll luminaries, dance crazes and generations of parents fearing the devil's music and its rumored abilities to corrupt their youth. Mad Waves' leering, dark video of the same title takes us on a myth-riddled journey of psychedelia that blurs judgments. Just the way its source song intended.

The song is meant to encapsulate a time in the 1990s when Satanism was considered rampant. "Legends of how Satanists were controlling secular society: The outside world was evil and there was no escaping it," said singer JT Daly. "It was in our schools, our music, even our cartoons! The lyrics to this song are some of my favorite on the album because you can't tell which perspective you're getting, the good or evil. You need to think for yourself.“

The unease of Daly's lyrics strobe perfectly in the visuals for "Mad Wave,” aided by YHELLOW, the visual production company famed for its work with PVRIS & Neck Deep. The result is a sense of stunning unease: beauty and ugliness displayed in harmony. That seems appropriate as much of the fantastic appeal of Satanic displays is the very ebb between the profound and profane, and is likely why humans often turn to its incoherency for explanation. If that is the case then Mad Wave have a formula for a very overwhelming brand of rock music, and it could be that Beelzebub will be lying in wait at the next crossroads.