Mae Muller Is No Man’s “Therapist”


In calm and centered fashion, Mae Muller's "Therapist" blossoms as the liberation of the North London artist. Written by Muller, David Pramik, and Caroline Ailin, the track glides between a modern anthem to a bedside confessional, embodying the harmonic DNA of R&B-pop heard decades ago. Backed by Muller's wit and crisp vocals, "Therapist" solidifies the only positive of a one-sided relationship - knowing your worth. 

Directly addressing the "role" of a woman, in regards to the expectancy of what needs to be endured, "Therapist" digs at the tested nature of constantly giving without receiving equal care. Opening with lighthearted chords eventually rises to the confidence of a final cigarette being lit in a smoky jazz lounge. Muller's rich vocals are now controlled with assertiveness, knowing the full range of the artist's vocals heard on previous tracks such as "Anticlimax." 

The infectious hook plays with the production's touch of brass, adding dimension to the pop-centric structure. Matter-of-fact lyrics dance around the bridge and leaves Muller with a self-reliance poise, "And if we're staying up all night / It's 'cause you're moaning / Snd not the good kind / Want you to be happy / But not at my expense." Muller comments on her inspiration and mindset behind the track, sharing, 

"I wrote 'Therapist' with Caroline Ailin and David Pramik a couple of months ago now. I feel like a lot of the time, a 'good' girlfriend is measured in how many chances they give, and how much they can endure mentally before their partner decides to treat them right. That is not it! We are not here to teach men how to behave, we are not their mothers, or their therapists, and we shouldn't have to take on that pressure! Especially when we received nothing in return. In this particular song, it was about a situation where I really wanted to make it work but realised that this person did not need a relationship, and that I couldn't give him what he needed no matter how hard I tried."

The track's visual companion takes a more comical approach. Chloe Victoria Hughes' direction borrows animated title cards and takes Muller to the edge of what can be handled. From drab dinner dates to Muller literally carrying her significant other on her back, the lively video speaks to the freedom of taking care of yourself first.  

Watch the "Therapist" video below: