Mahalia’s “Simmer” Is The Theme Song to Your Hot Girl Summer


Effortlessly infectious, diaphanous, and iridescent, Mahalia's new single has every one of us dancing our way to the beach with its cool summer vibes. The rising U.K. starlet and Leicester native shared a new track entitled "Simmer" just before Independence Day. 

The release followed the announcement of Mahalia's first full-length LP Love and Compromise which is set to drop Sept. 6, as well as the album's accompanying tour across Asia, North America, Canada and Europe. Having recently concluded a sold-out U.K. and Europe tour and played an outstanding set at the Glastonbury Festival in England, Mahalia is racking up musical accolades by the second. 

Her new single, featuring Nigerian star Burna Boy, carries with it a warm summer breeze and the smell of ocean spray. With a reggaeton beat beneath Mahalia's crisp soprano melodies, the only thing that could make this track stronger is a real burst of reggae–which is exactly what happens when Burna Boy explodes onto the beat. Mahalia reminds her lover not to come on too strong or love her too hard as she croons, "Now I won’t want you if you need me/Real things do not come easy." 

The song really sticks when Mahalia's cyclical and contagious chorus hits. The way she juxtaposes her carefully-chosen lyrics and slides her lips between "sinner" and "simmer," easily evokes a third word: "summer." The easy-breezy high harmonies and sunshine-y synths that have been layered over Mahalia's and Burna Boy's killer vocals make for a beachside anthem that couldn't be more appropriate for your hot girl summer.  

Check out Mahalia's new mantra below: