Maisie Peters Has All the Makings of Tomorrow’s Breakout Pop Star on “Psycho”


Photo: Lillie Eiger

Maisie Peters is your classic budding pop star next door. Taking inspiration from Taylor Swift's heartfelt, down-to-earth storytelling and pairing that with some of the most infectious melodies we've heard in quite some time, the rapidly rising British singer-songwriter is an enviable tour de force. It is a sentiment that reaches grand new heights on her absolute earworm of a new single, "Psycho."

Co-written with Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac, "Psycho" marks Peter's first single since news hit earlier this month that she had signed to Sheeran's Gingerbread Records, as well as our second glimpse into her recently announced debut album, You Signed Up For This, set to release August 27. With production that strays the line between electropop and a dance record just ready to break out onto the dancefloor, "Psycho" arrives as a welcome departure from Peters' previous stripped-down leanings.

One thing that remains classic Peters is her ever-impressive knack for songwriting, blending punchy one-liners with a near-hypnotic delivery that is buoyed by radio-ready production. Despite its infectious, dance-inducing draw, there is a real emotional depth to be found in the British singer-songwriter's latest single "'Psycho' tells a dramatic story of someone whose lies catch up to them, and who seems to feel very little when they hurt other people. I think this is something near enough everyone in the world can relate to, myself included," shares Peters.

With "Psycho," Peters transforms seemingly overnight from budding wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve hopeless romantic to an artist with all the makings of tomorrow's pop star. Both sides are undeniably true to form, leaving us all the more excited for all the sides of Peters will get to witness first-hand when we can finally listen to her highly-anticipated debut album in full.

Listen to "Psycho" below: