Marco Luka Has No Ceilings on “pretty little lies”


Marco Luka is an artistic chameleon. He bounces from genre to genre, all without sacrificing quality. Despite experimenting with a wide variety of sounds and styles, each track feels distinct to Luka. His magnetic personality and earworm hooks perfectly match his exceptional vocal tone. His breakout single, "paradise," can be best compared to hitmaker veterans such as Post Malone or Eminem, but the track is personal and gives insight into Luka's internal struggles. 

After inking a deal with Arista Records, Luka has been on a hot streak with multiple single drops. Tracks "big talk" and his newest release "pretty little lies" showcase the artist's versatility and top tier consistency. 

"pretty little lies" is produced by up-and-coming legend Roy Lenzo and incorporates elements of hip-hop, alternative, and pop to create a sound appealing to a wide fan base. Luka shows off his incredible vocal range as he shifts into falsetto across the track. "pretty little lies" has an inescapable bounce to it that will likely get stuck in your head for hours to come. 

The accompanying music video establishes Luka's grand visual world. The video, directed by Nicholas Jandora, fits Luka's larger than life image. 

Watch the "pretty little lies" video below: