Mariposa Makes Her Grand Debut With the High-Spirited “Callan”

Photo: Segraphy

“Callan” is the calamitous visualizer of Mariposa, a worldly artist rooted in her Colombian and Italian heritage; it is a sonic flag of global empowerment. Much much more will need to be said about Mariposa in the near future, and we plan on doing just that.

But in the meantime, soak in this irrepressibly vibrant debut video that spits out beautiful adjectives ad nauseum: vicarious, emotive, confident, mysterious, sensual, free of timidity. “Callan” is a statement, a claim to be heard in a manner few artists so stridently deliver with their inaugural expression, and its dark blending of genres, timing, and cadence becomes foundational for her future success. This is only the beginning of much, much more to come.

Listen to "Callan" below: