Mariposa Attempts to Break Free From the Monotony on “Pastorita Mariposa”


Photo: Jesse Koch

Marisposa has become a Ones to Watch favorite for all of the reasons we celebrate artists; she's smart, unique, vocally talented, visually deliberate, and most often funny and irreverent. If more evidence was needed of that, do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in her latest video accompaniment for her latest single, "Pastorita Mariposa." 

Directed by Rogier Smalhout, the narrative and editing is beyond comprehension, a full surrealist lens taken to such a banal setting. If you need  a glimpse into her wondrous imagination, look no further than conjurer's own words.

"This song is about being stuck in life. Whether that’s stuck in a routine or a job you hate and the frustration that comes from it. I’ve been feeling stuck, suffocated, frustrated, angry and misunderstood for a long time now and I want to get out of my current situation and be free from it. I’ve been spending my whole life working to break this cycle and change my situation and eventually change the world through my art. I also have a friendly, warm face and personality that is sometimes misunderstood but that’s not who I really am. I am trapped in a system and fighting to get out," shares Mariposa.

Watch the "Pastorita Mariposa" video below: