Matt FX Takes a Hypnotic Trip to the Dancefloor With New Double Release


Matt FX is dropping a pair of neon, electro singles with his crisp new tracks "A Love Beginning" and "Pero No Te Quiero." The Brooklyn DJ sensation has collaborated with vocalist Melika, bringing us a range of sleek synths, throbbing bass lines, and infectious melodies. Matt FX shares, "The music is inspired by these little moments of hope, pain, and wonder that you go through in specific circumstances. In a funny way, I feel like both songs sort of apply to this idea of seeing someone special across a room and immediately having all these thoughts race through your head."

"A Love Beginning" oozes allure and seriously fire melodies, drawing on a funky and energetic aura, the quirk and sleekness of this track makes it totally unique. Cool as a cucumber, "A Love Beginning" has a pipe melody giving off a tropical warmth, while the hypnotic beat emits a light feel, helping to lift your spirits up from wherever you are.

Reminiscent of Disclosure and the fat pulsing synths of Sonny Fodera, this is a trance-like tune for bopping away in the club, bar, or even the kitchen. "Pero No Te Quiero" talks of a toxic and passionate relationship, wrapped up in a '90s wash ready to get your heart pumping. The music reflects the bittersweet meaning of the track, while the spanish language makes the sass and sauce pop through the subtle somber essence. If you’re needing to let loose from the woes of life, then Matt FX is here with the perfect antidote.

Listen to "A Love Beginning" and "Pero No Te Quiero" below: