Matt Maeson Pens a Hopeful Tale of Epic Depth With “Beggar’s Song”


The succinct yet stirring discography of Matt Maeson has been one informed by a morbid curiosity and fascination with death and the darker corners of life. From his debut EP, Who Killed Matt Maeson, to the single that put the Chesapeake Bay native on the map, "Cringe," Maeson's commanding confessionals have always been particularly captivating. Yet, it is in his latest and perhaps most optimistic work to date where Maeson ascends to newfound heights.

"Beggar's Song" is a force to behold for a number of reasons. The poignant track is accompanied by a surreal music video, the announcement of Maeson's first headlining tour, and the news of his long-awaited debut album, Bank On The Funeral, due out April 5. Like most great ideas, "Beggar's Song" was inspired by being broke and hungover. However, at no point does it feel like Maeson is wallowing in despair. "Beggar's Song" is akin to the finding the joy in a rainstorm, hailing to the heavens soaked but eager for what life is yet to bring. 

Speaking on the new track, the Chesapeake Bay native shared,

"I wrote 'Beggar's Song' when I was broke and hungover at SXSW, and everybody was partying and I was just over it. "It's about spending the last two years on the road and what that's felt like - that line 'I'm a beat-down, washed-up son of a bitch' has definitely been true on multiple occasions."

The arresting track also arrives with an equally riveting video directed by Weston Razooli. Shot entirely on 16mm film and inspired by legendary filmmakers Alejandro Jodorowsky, Sergio Leone, and Akira Kurosawa, the video for "Beggar's Song" is a surreal juxtaposition to Maeson's epic tale.

Watch the bizarre video for "Beggar's Song" below:

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