Meet Stef, the Nashville Artist Casting a Spell With Her Dark Pop Sound


When it comes to talent, Nashville's Stef is nothing short of a magician. With an impressive following behind her thanks to her acclaimed vintage fashion outlet and bold taste, this fashionista is bringing her impeccable style into the music world. Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, Stef's idea of a career was not seen as "normal," whatever that may be. Stef explains, "Everyone's pretty close-minded there, so the idea of me pursuing anything other than a college degree was very frowned-upon."

After throwing herself into music in 2019 with her debut release "Lucid," her music proved to be a dark-pop lover’s dream. Moving into 2021, her debut project, A Glitch in Our Virtual Reality, featured her standout track "hi, my name is lonely.," which went on to surpass the million mark, making Stef most definitely one to watch.

If you've ever felt repulsed by someone's awful behavior, especially when it comes to love, then Stef's latest single "sicc" will give you one very relatable fix. The viral fashion guru and pop artist is not just here to provide style suggestions but a feisty new single that further proves her musicianship is just another polished talent to add to her growing resume of skills. "sicc" is the heartbreaker's kryptonite, so if you are looking for a track to ease your mind and help you burst that bubble of anger, this is your song.

With an irresistible dark-pop vibe, the track bounces in with a rising motif carried by a restrained echo of guitar over a soft and rhythmic beat. Stef's voice sails into an angelic falsetto, conveying a sense of innocence while reinforcing the darkness of the toxic lover. Mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer John Greenham (Billie Eilish), "sicc" leverages its minimal soundscape to deliver standout, ear-pricking moments. There is a prowling, determined, and ominous aura to the track that gives it a punch of power and passion

"Boy you make me sicc, take me home I'll steal your clothes," sings Stef. As well as grazing over the wrongdoings of a toxic ex behavior, the single has a deeper meaning, touching on wider social issues regarding the male gaze and the societal expectations placed on women. With an intoxicating message and impactful message, it's safe to say this won't be the last you'll be hearing from Stef.

Listen to "sicc" below: