merci, mercy's "Fall Apart" is an Anthem for Overthinkers


There's a saying that goes "you're your own worst critic." merci, mercy channels that sentiment for her new single "Fall Apart." Constantly allowing your mind to take control during times where you feel like things are going too well. Wondering when things will simply fall apart, especially when they don't have to. This song is an anthem to the ones who just need to take a step back and chill out.

The young and talented merci, mercy is at it again with another killer single. The energy is high and the music is as vibrant as her hair. But, the message is bold. Fessing up to her cynical mind, she tells the story about refusing to enter into any serious relationship with the thought of "why start when we'll fall apart?" She explains,

“I wrote ‘Fall Apart’ while wondering what it would be like to not let my cynical mind take over and actually start a relationship. I always tell myself there is no point starting something if it's only going to end."

Teaming up with Ed White and Joel Quartermain, the team cooked up a banger. From the distorted beat, to the vibrant synths, it seems like the song has the perfect mix of everything. The song begins with the hook, ensuring the lyrics are stained in your memory. Her lyrics are just the topping to all of it. "Fall Apart" stands as an anthem for the ones who get too caught up in the what if's, instead of just rolling with it. We're here to tell you to chill out, let the world do its thing, and stream merci, mercy's new single.