MICHELLE Announce ‘AFTER DINNER WE TALK DREAMS’ With Mesmerizing New Single


Photo: Aysia Marotta

Few artists or bands feel as innately attuned with their environment as New York's MICHELLE. The predominantly POC and queer collective, comprised of Sofia D'Angelo, Julian Kaufman, Charlie Kilgore, Layla Ku, Emma Lee, and Jamee Lockard, and their genre and generation - spanning music embody the bustling, diverse streets they call home. It's as if the city - not just the New York City of today but one of decades past and one of future generations - comes to life in their mesmerizing meditations on love and desire. 

"SYNCOPATE" is the latest glimpse into MICHELLE's New York. Opening on a series of discordant, wistful synths and news broadcasts of an ongoing heatwave before jumping into a nostalgic, funk-driven groove, the New York collective delivers on an utterly infectious track. “The song at its core is about desire. Communicating your desire can feel vulnerable, so we wanted to have some fun with that and show our funky and seductive side. It really feels like we're hitting the street for the first time by putting this song out into the world,” shares the collective.

"SYNCOPATE" arrives alongside a vintage music video and the announcement of the collective's forthcoming album, AFTER DINNER WE TALK DREAMS, set to release January 22 via Canvasback Music and Transgressive in the UK. In addition to the album announcement, MICHELLE will also be on tour throughout the year, including opening for Arlo Parks in the fall, opening for Gus Dapperton in November, playing their first headline show in Los Angeles on October 13, and embarking on a headline tour throughout Europe and UK in 2022. Essentially, it's a good time to be a MICHELLE fan.

The accompanying Justin Ongeri-directed music video sees MICHELLE in their element. From hanging out atop New York City apartments in makeshift kiddie pools in the hopes of staving off the unwavering heat, shotgunning beers under the cover of night, to flashes off passionate intimacy, the video for "SYNCOPATE" will undoubtedly leave you feeling some type of way. 

Watch the "SYNCOPATE" video below: