Michi Seduces Us Through Dance in “Night Moves” Video


Photo: Anthony Pham

Highland Park has already blessed us with the iconic Billie Eilish, but the humble neighborhood is also shining light on one of our favorite emerging artists, Michi. After being reunited with her birth father at 22 years old, Michi rediscovered her childhood interest in piano and guitar. Now in 2020, Michi is making moves with her solo career as she releases the lively "Night Moves" video.

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Working with producer Jake Munk, Michi unleashed the sultry "Night Moves," which has hints of classic R&B fused with loveable bedroom pop and Spanish drizzled throughout. The accompanying video is just as hypnotic as the track itself, as Michi body rolls and gazes deep into the camera lens. With several dance scenes, the "Night Moves" visual really does make our bodies want to start moving to the rhythm and join Michi's talented dance crew.

On the "Night Moves" video, Michi shared,

"The song feels like a step into deeper layers of who I am as an artist sonically, with the freeness of unapologetic sensuality really driving the inspiration behind it. Working with my talented gal Haley Appell on my second video was an irreplaceable experience being able to take on a more developed piece of work, with incorporations of mixed media while still highlighting the DIY elements I love."

Dance along to the "Night Moves" video below: