Mills’ “Hollow” is a Brutally Honest Confessional

Photo By: Stefan Kohli

Drawing inspiration from the 70's era of Laurel Canyon, Mills' latest release, "Hollow," is an honest dissection of a toxic relationship. The song is comprised of a simple acoustic guitar and goose bump-inducing harmonies that gives Mills' confessional songwriting a much-deserved spotlight.

The single perfectly encapsulates the feeling of laying in the grass during a sunny day and putting life on pause. Its warm production strategically juxtaposes the more serious nature of the song, mirroring Mills' internal conflict between ignoring the empty relationship he's in or finally moving on. There's a refreshing sense of maturity in the single, as Mills openly admits to his own mistakes while coming to terms with his current reality.

Possessing a skill few artists have, Mills simplifies even the most complex emotions into a coherent stream of consciousness. Prior to his move to LA, the Kentucky native spent time in Nashville where storytelling became engrained in his music's DNA. The first track off of his upcoming EP Train of Thoughts, "Hollow" is an exciting glimpse into the music Mills has ready to release.